DISPACT A40 Is a versatile polymeric dispersing agent used for a wide range of water-borne Coating, inks, Ceramics and rubber latex dispersion. DISPACT A40 is ideal for water-borne low odor interior paint, it is almost colourless making it suitable for white paint.
DISPACT A40 can be used in most flat to low sheen/semi gloss formulation. It is compatible with all styrene acrylics, straight acrylics and vinyl acetate based copolymers used As binder for paint.

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Solide Content c.a 40%
pH Value 6-9
Viscosity at 25 °C
(Brookfield 20 rpm)
400 mPa.s
Density at 20 °C 1.30 g.cm-3
Alpha Colour < 200 (pt/Co Colour)
Appearance Straw colored liquid